There are few things that I enjoy more than curling up on the couch after a long day to watch a show with Ryan while enjoying a bowl of ice cream. Chocolate ice cream. Maybe double chocolate. Actually, imagine throwing in some thin mints in there for good measure. That’s right – a Double Chocolate… Read more »


Last month, Ryan and I went to Napa for an overnight trip to reconnect after spending the last few months battling my illness and the craziness of the holidays. We love how we can drive up there in 40 minutes and feel like we’re a world away. I’ll be honest, as wonderful as everything that… Read more »


I was standing in my kitchen a few weeks back sipping on a decaf coffee with a splash of my Vanilla Cashew Creamer. Besides morning cuddles with my kids, that one cup of coffee is the highlight of my morning. I sip on it as slow as I can to ensure that every taste is… Read more »


I wanted to title this Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream, but that seems like an oxymoron. It tastes like a warm cup of Mexican Hot Cocoa, in a deliciously refreshing ice cream form. The subtle spice of cinnamon, chile, and cayenne peek through the full and deep chocolate flavor. The marshmallows are swirled in, as opposed to… Read more »


Many women crave an icy treat during pregnancy and I was most likely at the top of that list. I always made a double batch of this Dairy-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream to aid my craving!


This dairy-free rendition of a French vanilla ice cream, made with an egg-yolk custard and fresh vanilla beans, has an unbeatable sumptuous flavor and velvety consistency....

I know this post is coming a little bit late now that we are all in cinnamon and cranberry mode, but I inevitably have leftover pumpkin puree after Thanksgiving so it seems more fitting to share this now! When the craving for something creamy and frozen comes on, it comes on quick. Without warning, and… Read more »


*update – we no longer eat legumes and either use sunbutter or almond butter in place of the peanut butter in this recipe The other night my husband really wanted to get frozen yogurt from a place we regularly go to in our neighborhood. I have the worst self control when it comes to ice… Read more »


Here’s a super simple recipe for a french vanilla coconut ice cream. Per the recipe name, it calls for french vanilla bean and coconut milk. As a result of using fresh natural ingredients, it is completely paleo compliant and SCD friendly!  Serve it over a hot fruit crisp or with a spoonful of chocolate grain-free… Read more »


I usually make my ice cream with coconut milk because the high fat content helps make the ice cream creamy and smooth without the use of additives like xanthan gum.  It tastes delicious but isn’t exactly kind to the waistline.  I wanted to try ice cream with almond milk, since almonds are full of great… Read more »


Have I mentioned how much I love Fall? I’m sure I have, because I come from a family who is obsessed with the holidays. Most people are ready to skip on to the Winter holidays (or linger in the Summer sun), but I love this time of the year and wish it would last longer!… Read more »


I have two vices: ice cream and french fries. When I first went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I thought I’d never be able to enjoy ice cream again. Then I found Coconut Bliss ice cream at Whole Foods and realized that coconut milk ice cream is even better than the dairy version! This recipe… Read more »