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  • Marcie Cheshire

    Hi Danielle,

    I recently listened to the PaleoMom and Paleo Parents Pod Cast on pregnancy. Can you tell me what Prenatal you mentioned that your Natura Path Dr. likes? I have a one year old and I had a c section. She ended up with severe thrush and I had yeast from breast feeding. I am still BF her now and have removed grains, dairy, legumes from my diet. This Pod Cast was awesome and so helpful as my husband and I are contemplating trying for number 2. Thanks for all the wonderful information! Your blog and recipes are fabulous! Good luck on with your cookbook!

    • Against All Grain

      Hi Marcie- I can’t legally prescribe anything…but I frequently use Pure Encapsulation brand vitamins 🙂

  • Reinette Kruger

    Hi Danielle,

    I feel very blessed to have found your website. My son is allergic to wheat and dairy and I have wheat and dairy intolerance. I truly believe that we can change our bodies by what we eat. Going back to how God intended us to eat and finding people like you who are passionate to make a difference.
    Your cookbook will help millions.
    Danielle, I am in the process of starting an online magazine and like you, I am very passionate to help people.
    Can you please tell me if you will be interested to write articles for the magazine? I would love to talk to you more about what we have planned for the magazine and links to websites like yours and the cookbook.
    Can you please contact me on my email? Would so love to connect with you.

    God bless
    Reinette Kruger

  • Hey Danielle! I started eating SCD/ GAPS about seven months ago after struggling with ulcerative colitis for four years now. Your website has helped me immensely! I was so encouraged after finding great websites with recipes I can not only make, but actually enjoy. And I’m feeling much better everyday! I started blogging about my experiences in hopes of encouraging other people like you do. Thanks for all your hard work!


  • Debbie

    I seem to have a problem with coconut products. I have IBS. Can I make substitutions in your recipes? And as my gut heals is there a chance I could tolerate it?? I know your not a Doctor, just was wondering based on your personal experience.

    Thanks. Love the new cookbook!!!

    • Against All Grain

      It really depends on the recipe and which coconut product. For a coconut oil, grassfed butter can be subbed. For coconut flour, you could try arrowroot starch but I haven’t tried it personally.