2019 Gift Guides – For the New Cook

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1. Meals Made Simple focuses on making meal-time simple and nutritious! There are plenty of treats too, but it is all about making healthy eating approachable and sustainable by providing meal plans, grocery lists, and tips and tricks to making eating grain-free simple!

2. Against All Grain is filled with recipes for everything from breakfast to desserts to beverages and covers all of your bases. It's very helpful for someone new to Paleo who is afraid that they're going to be stuck eating plain food for life!

3. This cast iron pan provides an affordable dish without compromising quality. It is great for baking, boiling, braising, or roasting.

4. Every new chef needs a nice dutch oven for roasts, chilis, stews, and soups. This one, in particular, is perfect for anyone just starting out or just looking for a more affordable option.

5. This Zwilling knife set will not disappoint! They perform well and guarantee easy cutting, chopping, and slicing. This set includes a 4 in Parer; 5 in Serrated Utility; 8 in Chef; Kitchen Shears; 9 in Sharpening Steel; and a 10 Slot Birch wood block.

6. I love my blendtec blender and use it all the time. It’s professional grade quality and is often used in juice shops. It can pulverize everything from smoothies to soups to nuts and seeds.

7. A cast iron skillet is a staple for any kitchen, it makes cooking easy and has the amazing benefits of the iron transfer. These usually last forever, and this brand makes it much more affordable with good quality.

8. These pans are the easiest to cook and clean! I never worry about things sticking to these from sautéing, stir-frying or searing, even baking. Plus they are non-toxic!