Danielle’s Digest: Week of 4/17/16


In this weeks Digest you'll see all of my photos from our weekend at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara where I taught a class for the Julia Child Foundation, some photos from my time in New York, and even what to look out for in your sushi! It's been a really busy but super fun week, and LOTS of good food! I'm giving you some of my tips below on how to order out too.

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Breakfast__bacararesortsb._Smoked_salmonI had such a delicious breakfast at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. I enjoyed a Smoked salmon Benedict over a tomato instead of the English muffin and a side of avocado. If you're at a fine dining place, you shouldn't need to worry about hollandaise as it should just be egg yolks and butter, but sometimes wheat flour can be used to thicken it so just ask to be safe! 

If_someone_asked_if_I_could_teach_cooking_I mean, if someone asked if I could teach cooking classes here everyday, I think I may just have to say yes! Thanks for having me Bacara Resort and Julia Child Foundation!


Having my love by my side through our time in Santa Barbara was so amazing! We had so much time to relax and really take in the beautiful resort.

On_deadline_for_the_final_edits_for__aagbook3And these were the real final edits for AAG book 3, and I even got to edit with a view! Pretty soon it will be off to print. Make sure you're on my mailing list (sign up HERE) so you don't miss my big news next week!

Heading_home_and_wishing_I_could_eatI left Bacara wishing I ate this one more time! I asked for the Ahi Poke to be served on cucumbers (and made sure there was no soy sauce), and we had the marinated shrimp tacos in butter lettuce cups. The verde sauce it was served with was awesome! I'll definitely be recreating for the blog, so keep your eyes peeled!

I_ve_been_back_to_New_York_dozens_of_timesI've been back to New York dozens of times but the last time I was down here was when I was 8 and things were still the way they were. I hadn't seen the new building or the memorial until this morning, from this stunning view. It's so heavy to see it all and think about what happened, but so amazing to the city rebuilt and full of hope and peace. 

Good_start_to_the_day___breakfast__danielleeatsThis is what I like to call a good start to the day! When I'm traveling, if possible, I love to get an apartment rather than a hotel so I have a kitchen to cook breakfast in. It saves so much money to not have to go out for all 3 meals. 


I had fun spending the afternoon at Twitter on my trip to New York. If only my house could look like their offices! ? If you're on Twitter make sure to find me @againstallgrain or just click HERE.
And for all those that asked, my jeans are Pilcro from Anthropologie but they're old. Shop some similar ones down below!


We ordered sushi in because I was beat. I got 2 hand rolls (ahi and crab) without rice and a Rainbow Naruto Roll. A naruto is a cucumber wrapped roll without rice!
FYI, the tobiko (fish eggs/roe) is probably not gluten-free so I picked around it. They inject it with soy sauce and coloring sometimes so beware. Also, as I've mentioned before- check to make sure they use REAL crabmeat ?. The imitation stuff also has wheat.


We had a fabulous lunch at Chef Jean George's Nougatine this time around and it was incredible! And their house baked Rosemary gluten-free bread was so good.


If there's an ahi poke or ahi tartar on a menu, I'm almost certain to order it. This one was really onion heavy for my taste, but still beautiful!


I'm calling this my Fried Chicken Salad. Aka, I didn't have any protein in the fridge except some grass-fed beef hot dogs, so I pulled out some of Asher's grain-free chicken nuggets I store in the freezer (you could also use my Paleo Chicken Strips) and threw them on a salad with my dairy-free ranch dressing (recipe in Meals Made Simple), carrots, cucumber, and spicy almonds. This may be a new favorite! IMG_4013

More salads this week. This one was actually a take-out order, but I omitted the peanuts they usually put on it and threw a big handful of those spicy almonds on it again. They are addicting!

 meetings canceled

On my last day in New York, my morning meetings got canceled so I got to walk through the beautiful Central Park in the gorgeous sunshine and have such life-giving conversation with my sweet friend, Kelsey. The most perfect end to my trip. 


And I'm finally home with my boys and loving every minute of it. Being away from them is so hard but thankfully FaceTime is a lifesaver! I picked up Asher early from school and we get to spend the rainy day inside with lots of snuggles!