Vanilla Custard tart topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries and raspberries on an outdoor tableclear plastic cups filled with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and vanilla custardcooked salmon on a bed of fresh greens on white plate set on a wooden table

Sweet summer berries are one of my favorite things to enjoy during this time of year. I do miss my usual habit of going to the farmer’s market to stroll through the aisle of fresh produce and friendly faces, but hopefully, that will be able to happen again soon.🍓 Since summer is officially here, I’m dreaming about this beautiful Berry Tart with Vanilla Bean Custard from my Celebrations cookbook. It has a delicious nut-free shortbread crust. If you would rather opt-out of having a crust, then these Zabaglione cups are perfect too!

If you want to use summer berries to complement a salad, then I suggest this delightful Strawberry Salmon Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing. The tangy dressing, tart strawberries, and crunchy almonds are perfect additions to make this salad extra special!
Visit my blog for tips on how to keep berries fresh longer! And you can find the Zabaglione with Berries on page 103, the Berry Tart on page 178, and the strawberry salmon salad with poppy seed dressing on page 114 in Celebrations!

Woman stands in home kitchen smiling at camera while she and her three kids enjoy homemade s'mores with her children.

Wake up with the Walkers –  Gluten Free Graham Crackers

After about 13 tries during these 80+ days of quarantine, I finally got it! I'm a bit of a perfectionist and wanted you to have the very best gluten free and grain-free Crunchy Graham Crackers possible. One that had a good crumb and crunch. One that held up to gooey marshmallows and warm chocolate. That didn't crumble as soon as you bit into it.⁣

We put them to test by dunking them in Almond Milk. And with a few hilltop fires, sandwiching them around one of my fluffy homemade paleo marshmallows and a few squares of dairy-free chocolate.⁣

Watch the video to see how they’re made, all of my tips and tricks for cutting the dough, my answers to your sub questions, and my best tricks for making s’mores. With a side of Sandlot references, and crazy chaotic children! Who’s in favor of changing the name of our weekly show to My Chaotic Kitchen instead of Wake Up With The Walkers? 😂


My big 3 year old girl ♥️

Ryan asked for Ribs for Father's Day so we made these smoked beef ribs!

glass of watermelon margarita filled with ice, a salted rim and a slice of lime as a garnish next to watermelon and lime slices on a white table outdoors

🚨*New recipe*

I released this recipe just in time for Father's Day! A four ingredient, Paleo-friendly, Watermelon Margarita!

If you have been following me, especially during this quarantine, you know I love a good tequila-based cocktail. I am typically not the biggest drinker, but I do love a refreshing beverage every now and then, especially on a hot summer night. Tequila is one of the very few alcoholic beverages I can tolerate since it is naturally grain-free and gluten free!

This recipe is easier than it sounds – you will only need a blender and 4 simple ingredients! It will surely be a drink everyone will love. And let's be honest, what dad wouldn’t want a fun drink to celebrate their special day? 🍉🍉🍉

German Chocolate Cake in the process of being made - un-iced chocolate cake on a wooden cutting board and the coconut topping being prepared in a glass bowl

Ryan requested German Chocolate Cake for Father’s Day, so I created something brand new!

Up close view of sprouted brown rice crispy treat

New recipe alert! Sprouted Brown Rice Crispy Treats!

These aren’t exactly Against All Grain, but they’re my healthier spin on the old favorite and what I give my kids! You can substitute in your favorite grain-free cereal or granola too if you’d like!

Using sprouted brown rice cereal makes the grain easier to digest, and makes the nutrients more bioavailable. I use my homemade marshmallows to keep these delightfully crunchy treats refined sugar-free.

This recipe has been the top viewed post on my blog for the last couple of weeks! So that has me wondering – what percentage of you eat gluten free like my kids and Ryan, and what percentage is 100% grain-free like me? I’d be happy to give you more gluten-free sprouted grains recipes like this one (along with all of my grain-free recipes) if you’re enjoying them!

roasted pineapple and sweet potatoes drizzled with cashew cream in a white bowl with gold colored spoons on a white table

Another new recipe alert!! 🚨Roasted Pineapple & Sweet Potatoes

While we have been home during quarantine, we have been eating a ton of pineapple, which reminds me of one of my favorite dishes at my main place to grab a true paleo meal, Hu Kitchen. If you have never been, you definitely want to add it to your list of places to visit while in NYC.
I decided I wanted to recreate this dish, but put my own little spin on it! It’s paleo-friendly and can even be Whole30 and plant-based. You may be surprised, but roasted pineapple and sweet potatoes make a great combination. Usually, sweet potatoes are associated with autumnal meals, but the tropical and caramel taste of roasted pineapples turns this into a perfect summer side dish. The dairy-free sweet cinnamon cashew cream sauce is amazing – not overbearingly sweet, silky smooth, and will have you thinking that you just might be eating a dessert 😉