Danielle’s Digest: Week of 5/29/16


I hope you all had a long weekend! It's been so warm around these parts, so it's been lots of grilling and being outdoors for us. I've included a lot of different meals we've eaten this week!

2Waffles made by the hubby are the best kind of waffles.

I_love_grilling_season_and_simple_dinners.I love grilling season and simple dinners. This one is grilled honey dijon chicken and a simple salad with pears and spicy almonds!

22Vanilla beans and berries have my heart. I made my Berry Tart with Dairy-Free Vanilla Bean Custard for Memorial Day weekend and it was a huge hit!

sssI enjoyed steak and eggs for breakfast using leftover skirt steak and chimichurri. It was delicious!

222We love our Honest Co. diapers and their cute designs!


We enjoyed a nice day by the pool for Memorial Day which was so needed and so wonderful. Who remembers dying as a kid for adult swim time to end? Asher watches the clock and jumps in as soon as the last second is up!

2222So much green on our plates this past week with our first official harvest from my first (living) garden!
I snapped most of it (plus my annoying dog getting into the trash) over on my snapchat. Add me at againstallgrain ?

44Mint nails, toes, and shorts can only mean one thing.
v a c a t i o n.
Looking forward to a week of relaxing and rejuvenating with my family and sweet friends!

For everyone that asked on instagram, here's the outfit details! The shorts are from a few years ago so the current style may be a slightly different shade, but same style!

Here's some of what we ate on vacation this week!

44444I put some Pop&Bottle cacao almond milk in my (decaf) coffee in the mornings. Because, vacation. It was delicious!

5 This watermelon and ramp salad with grilled shrimp was so refreshing on the hot 100º day!


I often order fish tacos and just eat the inside contents without the tortillas! unnamed

It took me a while to get used to them, but now I love raw oysters. They're full with zinc and selenium, so it helps to remember that when the texture is off putting.
The health benefits of these will offset the many glasses of vino I'm going to be drinking on this vacation, right? ??


Target for the win! Unfortunately, I couldn't find the dress online but I did find these sandals… and they are so comfy!


And last but not least, I enjoyed a delicious burger this week. It was piled high with bacon and avocado and served with a garden salad.

Here's my snaps from snapchat for the first couple of days so you can see more of what we eat on vacation!