Eat What You Love Tour Wardrobe Recap

More often than not, I keep my wardrobe pretty simple, my hair in a top knot, and wear little to no makeup. Being a working mom of 3 (who works at home most of the time!) means I usually prioritize getting myself dressed and showered last, which means it rarely happens!

That being said, I do really love getting the chance to dress up in fun outfits every now and then! And the Eat What You Love book tour gave me the perfect opportunity to do just that! This tour was SO much fun- from the cooking, the friends that joined me on stage, all of you, and each one of these wonderful outfits! My sweet friend and stylist, Cassandra, helped put these together and did an amazing job finding eclectic and beautiful combinations that really fit my style, but also pushing me out of my comfort zone on occasion (hello bright red boots and mustard crushed velvet pantsuit!).

Every time I posted a photo or video of me on the Eat What You Love tour I would get so many inquiries about my outfits, shoes, and jewelry, so I wanted to put it all together for you here!

This jacket was a fun Rent The Runway find! I'm linking a few similar to purchase, or if you have a RTR account, click here to reserve it!

Floral and Polka Dot Blouse


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