My top 25 Newborn Necessities


After Kezia's birth I started getting so many questions from you all about the products I was using. So, I've shared some of my tried and true favorites with you all below. Many of these I used with Easton and am using again with Kezia, and a few are new items that we've loved using during her first month of life.

I'm hoping you will find them as helpful as I do! I did a quick review of each product and why we love it below the photos. Having received some of them as gifts, I can also say they make the perfect present if you're shopping for a baby shower or a new mom!

baby 1 final fix

  1. Organic Nightgown -Gowns make middle of the night diaper changes so much easier. No snaps or zippers while groggy! Plus newborns just look super cute in a long gown.
  2. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles100% plastic-free infant bottle easily transitions to sippy bottle, straw bottle, sport bottle, or snack container with medical-grade silicone components from Pura. The stainless steel and medical grade silicone contains no BPA, bps, EA, PVC, phthalates, or other toxins and no internal lining to ensure nothing ever leaches into your beverage.
  3. Organic Onesie –This onesie is made with 100% organic cotton and is an all-time favorite. I love that it has a gloved sleeve feature so that the baby doesn’t scratch themselves!
  4. Socks– You’d be surprised with how many baby socks I go through… and lose (possibly because my dog always seems to eat them). These ones are super cozy and stay on really well!
  5. Burp Cloths-Burp Cloths are definitely a necessity. I love these because they’re organic cotton, super soft, and really absorbent.
  6. Take Me Home Outfit –I got one of these for both of my youngest when they were brand new and I absolutely loved them. This company makes the softest clothes and I love the kimono style wrap for when they’re tiny and their cord is still healing.
  7. Organic Cotton SwaddlesThese swaddle blankets have the most adorable print options, and they’re really big so they keep baby nice and snug without the swaddle breaking loose. I also throw them overtop of the carseat for shade because they’re breathable and light.
  8. Disposable Changing Pads-I always keep some of these in my diaper bag so I’m sure I’m changing baby on asanitary surface. They’re leak proof and even have baking soda infused into them for natural odor eliminating qualities.
Baby 2 Final
  1. Sakura Bloom –I have a few different carriers, and they all serve different purposes. I love to use a ring sling when I’m running a quick errand or playing in the house with the boys since it’s so easy to throw on. I don’t use it as often if I have things to do around the house because one arm kind of has limited use. I go for the ergo for that.
  2. Love to Dream SwaddleWe’ve tried out many swaddles and this one is by far our favorite! I love that it keeps the baby nice and secure, eliminates the startle reflex, but allows their hands to be by their face for self soothing.
  3. Solly Wrap –This wrap is a must have! I definitely think it’s the comfiest one I have and I think it’s baby's favorite too. It’s so snug and keeps baby close and comfy. They have just about the cutest fabrics too so you can find one to go with pretty much any outfit!
  4. Ergobaby Organic Collection Bundle Of Joy – I have 3 different carriers that I use for different occasions and different stages. I love using the Ergo when I’m working around the house or in the kitchen because I feel like the baby is better supported and shielded, plus it’s easier on my back and shoulders. It’s’ super functional, easy to wear, and dad loves wearing it too! I loved the infant insert for when my babies were tiny, and then wore them with their legs in for a while after that. The head cover is big for me too, especially if I’m in the kitchen or eating!
  5.  Organic Crib Mattress-I do my best to get my baby's clothes and linens organic and this crib mattress was a non-negotiable. Not only is it 100% organic cotton, it’s also waterproof and super easy to clean!
  6. Travel CribI take this crib with me everywhere when I travel! Although it’s not an organic mattress, the functionality of this crib makes it all worth it. It fits as a carry on and is even backpack portable!
  7. Play Mat-A fun play mat is a must and this one does not disappoint! It’s latex and BPA-free and you can even wash the quilt plus it has so may cute animals and fun colors that keeps baby entertained.
Baby 3 Final
  1. 4 Moms Mamaroo-My boys didn’t love the swing as much, but Kezia is absolutely loving sleeping in it while I do some things around the house. It bounces up and down and sways from side to side just like I would when I hold her. It’s also high tech with bluetooth capability which Ryan loves.
  2. UPPAbaby Mesa Carseat-This carseat clips into the stroller we chose without the need of adapters, and it has a great safety rating. It’s also naturally flame retardant, which is hard to come by! Ryan says it’s the easiest carseat he’s ever installed too.
  3. Travel StrollerThe thought of traveling with a baby is not a comforting one! That being said, I love this YoYo stroller. It’s super light (I can carry it with one hand), it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane, unfolds and folds up super easily, and has an adjustable seat to lay the baby back when sleeping. It’s an investment, but as a working mom, it has saved my life!
  4. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller-With 2 under the age of 2, we were in need of a stroller that had the ability to be a double, plus allowed a carseat to be clipped into it, and the Vista was our top choice. It’s so easy to fold up, has a huge under carriage for storage, and can actually fit all 3 of our kids with the ride-on board.
  5. Exercise BallThis Exercise Ball is not only good for my posture but it allows me to sit and bounce the baby as she’s falling asleep and while I’m working.
  6. 4 Moms Bouncer-This bouncer vibrates and bounces and baby loves to sit in it while I work! I love that it’s portable so I can take it into my office, into the kitchen if I’m getting dinner ready, or into the bathroom while I get ready in the morning.
baby 4 final
  1. Hands-Free Breastpump –First I have to acknowledge that this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. This model was a trooper! Although this looks totally silly, I really don’t know where I’d be without it. Instead of sitting and doing nothing while I pump, I can use this one and get some stuff done that requires hands!
  2. Nose Frida-This is the absolute best thing for your babies stuffy nose. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used it! It’s BPA-free and is designed to protect your babies sensitive mucous membranes.
  3. White Noise App-This app has saved my babies (and myself) many hours of much needed sleep. If they're ever fussing because of noise I just turn this on and they fall right asleep.
  4. Drying RackThis is my favorite bottle drying rack. I used to have one of those large tree-like racks, but it was so obtrusive. This low profile one is great and doesn’t take a lot of counter space
  5. Coconut Oil– I use this daily on my babies (and myself)! I rub it on their heads and any places that look a little chapped. It’s my favorite moisturizer for them and it even smells great too!
  6. Honest Company Diapers –They’re not just cute, but they work well and are environmentally friendly. I’ve had way less blow outs and no rashes so far with these Honest diapers.