Meals Made Simple Book Tour

I mentioned in my update post about how I am doing after our loss that I was contemplating a book tour. After lots of thought on the matter, I decided to go ahead and do one. At first I was apprehensive, but I have been venturing out more and more and being with people has been really life giving to me. I told my publisher in mid July that if I was asked to go that day, I surely wouldn't be able to. But as we see each day getting easier and easier, looking ahead to late September seemed doable. Every day has a little more light and a lot more laughter, and it felt nice to set a goal for myself. Everyone that follows my blog has been so supportive, so I felt like this book tour was my re-entry into the ‘real' world and I am really looking forward to meeting everyone who has been standing with us over the last few months. My tour last year was so rewarding and I met so many wonderful people, so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity. We've set a preliminary list of cities, and are working to find locations and dates for them but here's a little look at where I will be traveling this Fall. Ryan and Asher are going to come with me on as much as possible which I am so excited about, and we have so many friends along the way that we are eager to see as well. Here's the first 3 local stops and the other cities we are planning on scheduling. These are in no particular order, and some cities may even be added. More details will come soon! Keep checking the Events tab at the top of my blog as we add cities and make sure to reserve your seats!

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