Paleof(x) Conference: Live Stream




I’m gearing up to fly from San Francisco to Austin on Wednesday! I’m trying to organize my brain and figure out what things I need to pack and what snacks I want to make ahead of time so I have something to munch on amidst the junk food that floods the airport. More importantly, I’m trying to decide which books and magazines to bring on the plane because this is the first flight without Asher in so long, I’m not going to know what to do with all of my time!

The final schedule of speakers and cooking demonstrations has been updated on the website and there’s so many seminars that I’m looking forward to hearing. The standouts to me though are hearing Dr. Terry Wahls talk about reversing Multiple Sclerosis,┬áThe Gut-Brain-Skin Axis with Chris Kresser, and the┬áReversing Disease – Prevention over Prescription Panel.

There’s good news for all of you who can’t make it though and are wanting to become more educated on the Paleo movement. A live-stream will be provided during the conference days! I’ll be tweeting and providing Facebook status updates with little snippets of information that stand out to me, but if you’re really wanting to dig in deeper, make sure to watch from home!