Grain-Free Waffles


Want to know how to make whole raw cashews into perfect fluffy waffles that are grain and dairy free?

Find the recipe on my guest post this morning over at Real Sustenance!


  • Jthurston

    Best waffles ever. My kids and I love them!!

  • http://katsulia.tumblr.com/ Julia Katsu

    Hi there, it looks like Brittany’s website isn’t working, so I can’t find the recipe. Have you published this anywhere else?

  • liz

    these are so easy and so insanely good! thank you!!!!!

  • Adrienne

    Hi, I have just discovered your site, and am dying to try your grain free waffles, however I can’t get the recipe to come up no matter what I try. Is there somewhere else to get it??

  • http://againstallgrain.com/ Danielle

    Perhaps you can try to refresh your browser or use a different browser. Or, if you are using a smart phone, possibly try a desktop or laptop. I can pull it up just fine. ~Eileen