Kid Date Ideas

Last month I posted a photo with Kezia and mentioned that I would be taking each kid on individual dates throughout the week during our spring break. Ryan and I both try to do this from time to time, but I was overwhelmed by the response on social media! I loved the ideas that you guys shared for things to do with your kids so much; I had to compile them in a blog for everyone to use as a resource! I know I will keep it handy, especially now that we’re on summer vacation and already hearing “I’m bored” and “I don’t know what to do” just one week in!

First off, this wasn’t necessarily a date idea but it was an idea that I absolutely loved. Someone mentioned that they created a jar with ideas of things to do and then when date night comes, they pull one out and go! I thought it was such a spontaneous, entertaining, but meaningful way to make each date unique and special.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through everyone’s ideas as much as I did!


“Spa Day” for Girls

Who doesn’t love taking a day to be pampered? Whether it is a local mani/ pedi salon or an at-home set-up, this idea is sure to make your little girl excited about one on one time. Face masks, nail polish, and sparkling water or juice all sound like a really fun way to bond together!
A cherry on top- matching robes make the occasion even more exciting and special! Anywhere from Target to your local boutique carry kids and women's robes!

“Tea Time”

Often, when I have coffee or wine Kezia wants some! There’s something about “grown-up” drinks that are alluring for the little ones. Having a tea party or hot chocolates can make her feel so special! Go to a local coffee shop, or set something up in the kitchen- it’s sure to be sweet!
A cherry on top- homemade paleo pastries to pair! (Maybe the Toaster Tarts from Eat What You Love or the Currant Scones from Against all Grain!)

Local Professional Sports Game

Last month, Ryan and I took Asher to the A’s game and it was so much fun. We wore A’s gear, bought Asher some popcorn, and cheered the team on the whole way through! It was a really awesome way to join him in something he loves so much.
A cherry on top- Get there early for batting practice! Asher loves baseball so much that he wants to see as much as possible. He loves batting practice so we always make sure to arrive an hour early. Sometimes the kids can get a ball or glove signed too by the players.

Book Club

I loved this suggestion! They choose a book, read it separately then spend the date discussing it! It’s a great opportunity to encourage learning, but it could also be a sweet way to see your kid thrive in creativity and grow their communication skills.
A cherry on top- if there’s a movie that goes with the book, set up another date to watch it together after you’ve read the book!!

Local Art Classes

Arts and crafts at home are great for all ages, but can be such a hassle to clean up! Visiting a local class can provide all the fun, more resources, and a free cleanup 😉 We always love to paint ceramics at Color Me Mine.
A cherry on top- surprise your kiddo with the class based on their interests, and prompt them to make or paint something to give as a gift. My kids love painting mugs or plates to give for Father’s Day or for their grandparents at Christmas.

Local Play Performances

Going to a community play production is something I love doing. It’s fun to see people expressing their creativity and talent in a local context, but even better to see my kids respond and interact with the live performance.
A cherry on top- splurge on some popcorn; most places use proceeds to help support the community.


Who doesn’t love going to the zoo? I see my kids come alive when we go and love learning about the animals with them! There’s so much to do, learn, and see! A perfect day- date!
A cherry on top- take photos with each animal making funny faces!

Feed Ducks

I love going to our neighborhood park with the kids and feeding ducks or fish. It’s nice to take a walk outside in nature, and I just love seeing the kids faces light up with excitement as they feed the animals. Just be careful because those ducks can get pesky and fight over the food!
A cherry on top- bring snacks or a picnic for yourselves for post- feeding! (Try the Cheese Crackers from Eat What You Love or my Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies!)

Picnic & Outdoor Walks

Along with the outdoorsy ideas, a picnic or walk on a beautiful day with the sun shining is one of our favorites! I especially love this with Kezia because she is mesmerized by the birds and all their different calls and songs. Sometimes we will walk, skip down the paths, or just sit and take it all in while we enjoy our lunches from home.
A cherry on top- if you have older kids, research local birds to try and spot!

Nerf or Water Balloon War

If I were to tell Asher or Easton that we could have a Nerf War or throw water balloons at each other for our date, I think they would scream with excitement. I think I’ll leave that date to Ryan, but talk about an easy win for enthused, fun, and uncontrollable laughter!
A cherry on top- build make-shift forts to hide behind to take the game up a level!

Toy Shopping

I love shopping, and my kids love gifts! Going to a toy store, the mall, or Target is a date that just about any kid would adore!
A cherry on top- buy an extra toy and donate locally!

Indoor Play Center

There are so many fun indoor play centers now! There are big swings, slides, ball pits, and toys to play on and with at these places. They are so much fun and the kids absolutely love them! Plus, they are usually only 5-7 dollars for all-day access!
A cherry on top- This is the perfect low- pressure way to get to know other kids and families if you’re new to a city or just looking!


Springtime always makes the kids so excited because they know we’ll have the chance to see our garden grow. They absolutely love picking strawberries and eating them right off the vine, especially Kezia! I also enjoy it because I can be in the sun and also watch my littles get acquainted with the beautiful process of planting and gardening!
A cherry on top- I’ve noticed my kids are a lot more willing to try new veggies when they planted them and watched them grow!

Science Museum

Museums are such a great thing to do with kids because there’s always so much to see and learn. I’ve found that science museums have the best kids areas filled with fun and unique things to discover!
A cherry on top- Some museums have real-life simulations where kids can experience first- hand what they’re learning about!

Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Similar to a zoo, there are endless possibilities at botanical gardens. They have absolutely beautiful flowers, trees, birds, and often a butterfly garden! There’s often wide open spaces of grass that make a great place for a picnic or play area.
A cherry on top- Try your best pronunciations of the scientific names! It makes for funny words and lots of laughter.

Mini Golf

Asher and I loved when we went to mini golf together. We laughed about bad hits and celebrated hole- in- ones! It was such a good time for us to be silly and just enjoy the game together.

A cherry on top- Be extra silly and narrate your opponents' shots like a sportscaster!