EAT WHAT YOU LOVE BOOK TOUR: New York, Austin, Dallas

I will never forget riding in the car to the venue in the hustle of New York City and seeing these magical tiny snowflakes glide across the windshield. This stop was a dream come true in so many ways! I had my best friend, Hillary Scott, join me on stage that night and it was the sweetest time. My gratitude for the New York audience overflows for being so generous with their vulnerability and in sharing their stories with us. We laughed, cried, shared about loss, love, and new life, and a chatted a whole lot about food.

In Austin, Jen Hatmaker and I had the best time cooking and laughing together. She shared her hilarious stories about her first time doing Whole30, I convinced everyone why the Instant Pot is a genius invention, and together we baked my personal favorite batch of Snickerdoodles of the tour!

We wrapped up the tour in Dallas with Kim Williams-Paisley and I couldn't have been a better closing show to the tour! She has the sweetest, humble spirit, and she shared openly and vulnerably about her book, her immense love for reading, and her amazing work with the various charities she's involved with. We got to share about how to encourage reading with our kids, and she gave her best advice for creating habits of this. I had the opportunity to answer so many wonderful questions from the crowd- several from precious kids who came to the show!

While I was so excited to get home and see my family, I also felt so sad to see this amazing experience come to a close! It was so fulfilling to see lives impacted, families changed for the better, and comfort foods enjoyed again! My heart was so filled by each person that came, shared their story on social media, and wrote letters to me. I’ve left this tour even more inspired to continue spreading my message of the healing power of food than I’ve ever been before!


New York Photos by: 47 Moments


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