Eat What You Love Book Tour: Minneapolis and Denver

This leg of the tour felt more like I was being poured into than I was pouring out! Yes, it was freezing cold in both Minneapolis and Denver, but meeting each one of you and hearing your stories made it more than worth it! The cherry on top? The Mile High Station in Denver was absolutely gorgeous.

These two stops from tour touched my momma heart with stories of children who began eating differently and saw radical transformations. One story that was especially powerful was told by a mom who stood and bravely shared during the Q&A.

She started out with a shaky voice and told the story of having seen her son struggle on the spectrum unable to form sentences or communicate on his own. They were fed up with the endless meds, unsuccessful treatments, and overwhelming doctors visits. They decided to transition to a paleo diet, and her boy is now in mainstream school and absolutely flourishing. Another mom shared that her daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's and fought to stay healthy with very little hope. After shifting to a paleo diet, this little girl went to the doctor and was told she had clear scans!

Unfathomable results that I could never have dreamed to hear when I started my first book. Now, they give me life and inspiration to keep going, and I hope they provide that to you, too. When it feels like the world is caving in and there’s no hope of ever feeling better, these are the stories that we should cling to.