Eat What You Love Book Tour: Portland, Seattle, San Diego

I’ll never forget walking into The Evergreen in Portland thinking, “this is the beginning of something really special.” There were bulb lights delicately strung from the ceiling that made the room feel both beautiful and warm. Volunteers were arranging swag bags and carefully setting books on seats. My wonderful sponsors at this venue, The New Primal and Bare Snacks, were setting up their booths for the guests to learn and get fun snacks. Later, as I was getting ready to start, I saw the influx of people walking in and taking their seats. I was overwhelmed as the seats filled up with hundreds of people who have been touched by my books and use my recipes in their kitchens daily.

Each city brought a new level of excitement and motivation. I got to hear stories of life change, newfound joy in cooking, and restored hope. In Portland, Kelsey Nixon and I talked about the challenge of when life doesn’t go the way expected, but the beauty that always seems to come from those times. In Seattle, Aarti and I laughed our way through the evening and even managed to burn the Snickerdoodle Cookies! We spent our time talking about cooking for our families, joking about our favorite kitchen fails, and belly laughing over the correct pronunciation of ghee and star “anise.” Kelly LeVeque filled in for Melissa Hartwig in San Diego, and shared her profound knowledge of nutrition with us, as well as some newly developed tips for eating well during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

In San Diego, my world was shaken in a profound way when a woman walked up to me and told me that, before eating from my recipes, she had been in a wheelchair for years from the crippling symptoms of her M.S. Today, she walks by herself with a humble confidence that brought tears to my eyes and such deep gratitude to my heart.

Your stories are just as important as mine, and I hope to share them with the world so that more people hear about the incredible things that are happening. I want you to know that this tour solidified the purpose I have in providing you and your families with the resources you need to continue experiencing miraculous recoveries and simply delicious meals.

Portland Photos were taken by: Nixn