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Sometimes in the chaos of having a newborn in the house it is easy to forget about self-care and the mommy must haves! I know from experience that a happy and taken care of mom is so important for the family! Many of you were asking me about some of my products, especially my Nursing Cami, so I've shared some of my favorite Mommy Products below. Ranging from beautiful initial necklaces, that keep your little ones close to your heart, to Mother's Milk lactation tea, these products help keep me sane every day!

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  1. Initial Necklace – If you’re buying a gift for a new mom, take it from me, anything with their children’s initials on them will be a winner. This one is a more budget-friendly option to #3. 
  2. Diaper Bag–  I love this diaper bag. It’s pretty large and fits a ton, but is really well organized inside which is important to me. I can find pacifiers or my keys easily, and there’s plenty of room for diapers, wipes, and a changing pad. I have had it since my oldest was born and it's still holding up perfectly!
  3. Dainty Initial Necklace – I never take this 14k gold necklace off. It has all 4 of my kids initials on it and I just love how dainty it is. You can pick how many letters you have on it, and even add more later.
  4. Baby’s First Year Memory Book– I always have grandiose plans to do a beautiful handmade baby book, and never have the time, so I love the simplicity of this baby book. It’s so cute inside and covers all of the major moments.
  5. Fur Slipper– Our floors are always so cold, my husband and I pretty much always have slippers on. But I also love taking a pair to the hospital with me instead of those itchy socks.
  6.  Cozy Robe– Every mom needs a good cozy robe, am I right? Not only for the hospital when your backside is exposed, but for the many, many days where getting dressed just isn't going to happen. This one is my all-time favorite. It’s super soft and I really would wear it everywhere if possible.
  7.  Bottom SprayI had c-sections with the boys and Kezia, and thankfully didn't get the little friends that never leave down in that region, but I have so many friends who swear by this product. If you’ve been pregnant before you know why you may want some of this!
  8. Tracking App- This app has made keeping track of baby's growth, nursing progress, diaper changes, and doctors visits so easy! And if you have a babysitter or your partner takes care of the baby some of the time, it's easy to sync up multiple devices! 
  9. Ergo Nursing PillowThis nursing pillow is my best friend while I’m nursing, plus the boys love to use it to help them hold their baby sister.
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  1. Mother’s Milk Tea– This tea helps new mama’s with breast milk production in a natural way and it even tastes delicious! I will give a word of warning – I think the fenugreek was tough on my digestive system with Easton and may have contributed to a postpartum flare I had. I don't think it would be a problem for anyone but those with IBD, so as always, just watch your body closely!
  2. Booby Tubes– As funny as the name is, these are the best! You can use them either warm or cool to encourage milk flow or to soothe and reduce swelling. They're really great for clogged ducts or mastitis. They have a 100% organic cotton shell and are toxic free so you don’t have to worry about yourself or baby coming near toxins!
  3. Nipple Cream– I loved this cream and am so happy someone on my instagram recommended it when I was pregnant with my middle child! It’s soothing because of the calendula, and it’s also non-GMO and lanolin free which are a big bonus. It’s also edible so you don’t have to wash it off before nursing the baby. It was the only one that my babies didn’t mind, and I tried quite a few. I credit it for keeping the bleeding and cracking completely at bay the 2nd and 3rd time around breastfeeding.
  4. Maternity & Nursing Wrap– When I’m not in pajamas during the first couple of months, I’m in a comfy oversized sweater worn over the #7 nursing cami. This one drapes nicely over the baby so you can modestly nurse in public too.
  5. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child– I love this book! It has helped me understand my babies sleep cycles and how to create better habits for them. We went through just about every sleep book with our first (who was a tough client sleep wise), and this one was definitely the most helpful. A happy child also means a happy mama!
  6. Medela Sonata– This double-electric breast pump is designed for moms who pump several times a day. It’s super quiet (like really quiet!!) and lightweight compared to my old Medela Pump in Style that I used for the boys. The hospital performance makes for consistent and efficient pumping sessions, and it’s really easy to operate. I also really appreciate that it can run on a rechargeable battery. I cannot tell you how many times my batteries were dead when I was traveling and desperately needed to pump. The only downside I've seen so far is there are a few extra parts to wash and put back together overtime, and a little more milk seems to get stuck in the connector and valve than my old pump. Every drop counts!
  7. Nursing Cami – I have these in all 3 colors and wear them most days instead of nursing bras. I love the tighter fabric for slimming and holding in the loose belly (or giving after c-section), and there's built in cups, so it provides support everywhere you need it. I wear these under regular tops and it makes breastfeeding easier on the go. If you have a top on that has to be pulled up (rather than one with a low v-neck or buttons at the neckline), it's nice to not have to expose your mid-section with the cami underneath.
  8. Belly Bandit– We all need a little help sucking everything back in after almost a year of expanding and growing a human. Plus if you are going have a c-section, then you will definitely want this for recovery. It’s super soft and provides a lot of support to your back, legs, and core muscles.

Nursing Friendly Tops

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