Danielle’s Digest: Week of 3/8/15

I'm asked so frequently about what it looks like to live a grain-free life day to day, what new products I find or recommend, and what I eat on a daily basis. So I'm going to start sharing a new blog post recapping my week for you guys! I'll try to catalog my meals, snacks, grocery and market shopping finds, and even some of my fashion finds on occasion! These photos are also shared on Instagram, so if you don't follow me there yet make sure to subscribe!


I'm working on a new Enchilada Stuffed Sweet Potato recipe for you, so we ate the leftovers for dinner with a big salad! The recipe should be up this week!


I had so much fun spending the afternoon in the Williams Sonoma test kitchen! We're dreaming up some Against all Grain events with them, so stay tuned!


I used my wraps from Meals Made Simple and some leftover carnitas to make us breakfast burritos! There's freezer instructions in the book for tips on how to make a dozen of these in advance and just pull them out in the morning!


Don't forget BOTH of my books are back in ALL US Costco stores and most Canadian stores! Go grab a copy for almost 40% off the cover price!


Nature's vibrant beauty. I absolutely love when Romanesco comes back in season! If you haven't tried it, it kind of tastes like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.


I'm asked by a lot of mamas about Asher and dairy. He does just fine with it and this is the milk I buy him. He also occasionally eats grass-fed yogurt, but doesn't like cheese. He probably drinks about 1/2 cup a day. Raw milk is great too if you can find it, and for a good price, but this is the most accessible for us!


My afternoon snack. I could drink this Trader Joe's salsa straight, it's my favorite. I use Plantain Chips as a sub for my beloved tortilla chips.


When all else fails, we turn to lettuce-wrapped burgers. I used my BBQ burgers recipe from the blog and added avocado, ketchup, tomato, mustard, chipotle mayo, and pickles to it.


I grilled some Aidells Organic Chicken Apple Sausage in my grain-free wraps from my Meals Made Simple Cookbook with kraut, avocado, mustard, and chipotle mayo. I served it with a salad with clementines, avocado, apples, almonds and the champagne vinaigrette from Meals Made Simple as well as grilled asparagus.


I know this doesn't look appetizing but it was so good. Breakfast was leftover BBQ burgers with an egg and Sir Kensingtons Chipolte Mayo and my ketchup recipe.


I subbed in this awesome Forager Project cashew milk I found at Whole Foods for my dairy-free yogurt from the Against all Grain Cookbook. With all the amazing berries at the market and our Costco lately, I've been craving this yogurt in the mornings!


Breaking in my new Le Creuset stainless steel set today!


Asher wasn't feeling well so I picked up Chipolte quickly for Ryan and I for dinner. I added my own grass-fed cheddar at home and ordered a combo of chicken and carnitas for my burrito bowl. No beans or rice, just guacamole, salsa, and lettuce!


I made a bacon and Hannah sweet potato hash with eggs for Ryan and I for breakfast. I love Hannah sweet potatoes because they're a bit more savory than the super sweet orange fleshed yams or sweet potatoes.


I was excited to find this cheese at Trader Joe's and it tastes great! I haven't verified yet if it's 100% grass-fed, but from what I understand from my fans in New Zealand, everything there is great quality and always grass-fed!


Running a couple of errands with this sick one (although he's looking pretty happy, huh?) Good thing it's rainy because the rest of the day calls for crafts, games and books!


I made a big freezer batch of these breakfast burritos earlier this week! Recipe is in Meals Made Simple, which is 40% off right now on Amazon!


Keeping it cozy on this drizzly day. I scored this chunky Free People sweater 50% off and have worn it almost daily for school drop off or working around the kitchen!

Stacked Skinny Jeans (Bluebird)- J Brand

Breeze Cardigan– Free People

We The Free Alpine Cuff– Free People

‘Regennet' Leather Bootie– Steve Madden