• Lily Rivers

    I’ve been wanting to thank you for being so absolutely amazing! I’m 31, married w/ 2 toddler boys and your book has transformed the way that I cook for my family. I have purchased many cookbooks in the past. But this is the first cookbook I buy that was actually worth the investment. I have made soooo many recipes from it. Instead of putting it back on my shelf I just leave it on the counter. I figure, “what’s the point of putting it away? I love it and I’m going to pick it right back up anyway!” So thankful for you and your beautiful, growing family!!!
    Lily Rivers

  • sweetmama

    I love this site your recipes are awesome!!

  • mommywhogetskids2eatfood

    Hey i fed the banana nut porridge to my 4 year old and 6 year old. They where a little relucntant at first but they tried it and were begging for more! btw… that’s because i put gummy bears in there too.. probably shouldn’t have… my husband and I ate the real thing it was better that expected considering it was mashed up nuts.

  • Chip Schmerder

    hi,, which cook book has paleo recipes? thanks, chip