Breakfast Recipes

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  • Nikki

    Just beginning the paleo lifestyle and enjoying your website.

  • Christy Godkin

    Hi Danielle! I was so excited to come across your blog right before your book release! I am a 44 yo wife and mom of three. I have a masters in Special Ed and worked in the field with birth through K severe and profound until the birth of our first child in 1998. I became a stay at home mom and we had 2 more children within the next 2 years. Laura the second child was born 6 weeks early and her brother William our third child was 2 months early. I lost weight both pregnancies. My husband traveled in the racing industry so I was living the life of a single mom with 3 kids under 3 in a new town. In 2004, symptoms that had been “unclusterable” before, came together and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. With years of steroids, methotrexate, and several other drugs; I was controlled, but not satisfied. I returned to work at my children’s school in 2010 as a K-8 EC teacher. In the fall of 2011, blood work revealed elevated liver enzymes and by January, I was in for liver biopsies and early failure. Mayo clinic also uncovered a hidden genetic disease of hemochromotosis. All RA treatment drugs ceased except my weekly Enbrel Injections. And treatment to eliminate the excess iron in my organs and body began. Basically, through bimonthly extensive blood phlebotomies to keep me in moderate to severe anemia to draw the iron out of being stored in places it should not be. That is when my search for a more natural approach began. Exhausted and relying heavily on God and my husband, I struggled through every minute of every day. To-date, I am not finding relief with an “almost” grain, dairy, soy, sugar, and fat free diet. As you can tell, by eliminating all of these, there’s not much left. BUT I am finding a balance of how much and what combination I can have to be successful in my goal of health, energy, pain-regulation, and focus/concentration as possible. I feel blessed to have found you! This is the shortened version and lots of details more; but hope this helps to broaden you scope of understanding how many people you are truly helping! Thank you! I do love all the recipes I have tried thus far. This morning, I made the blueberry waffles, page 36, although delicious in flavor, mine were floppy and not fluffy like in your picture. What might have caused this? The only sub was I used Blue Diamond almond-coconut milk instead of just coconut milk. I did not add the blueberries because we prefer plain with uncooked blueberries on top. My waffle iron is a round cuisinart regular, not belgian. Thanks for your help!

    • Against All Grain

      They’re a softer waffle, but most find they can leave them in a little longer and they get a bit of an outside crisp. Some of the additives in that milk could have an effect, but I’m not sure. I don’t like to use the carton coconut milk because of this.

    • Sarah

      Christy, have you considered AIP? ( autoimmune protocol)google ‘ paleomom ‘ and Mickey trescott. Many people with RA apparently find relief by eliminating nightshades and legumes too, but not fats which are required for healthy cell membrane function. The type of fats you eat can make a big difference. The two people I mentioned have lots of delicious and inspiring recipes, I’m about to embark on a 30 day AIP elimination diet to see if I can send my health in the right direction as currently it seems to be inching downhill, despite gluten free, grain free, dairy light, nightshade light diet. Eggs and Legumes will be tough to exclude ( especially lentils and chickpeas) but I think I can manage for a month. Good luck on your journey 🙂

  • Christy Godkin

    that should say “to-date, I am NOW finding…”