EAT WHAT YOU LOVE BOOK TOUR: Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, Raleigh

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I started out this leg of the tour sick and feeling awful! That's a memory that will NEVER go away. Ha! All my babies had it, and even Ryan (who has a KILLER immune system) caught it! My heart felt like it was sinking when I left them and boarded the plane, and then I got a call that Kezia went to urgent care for a fever. Thankfully everyone was ok, and it passed quickly, but man was it rough not being able to take care of them all.

I touched down in Chicago completely unaware of what the next few days had in store. I can’t help but think the battle to endure that flight was just a hurdle to the amazing days that laid ahead of me. The show in Chicago was with Alex Thomopoulos who brought the most fun dynamic to the evening. She was hilarious and had the entire crowd laughing out loud! Her sincere heart, straight honesty, and cooking knowledge made cooking with her so special!

I got to share the stage with close friends who know me, my family, and the journey that got me to where I am today. Annie Downs, in Atlanta, vulnerably opened up about her own struggle with PCOS inspiring the audience with the phrase, “this isn’t just eating well to feel better, this is me choosing LIFE.” She talked a lot about how her mind had to match up to what she was feeding her body, and how once her spirit, mind, and body all synced up, she started to feel better.

Questions from the audience included how to manage eating well when our friends don’t believe in our new lifestyle. She encouraged us all that we need to find a community that doesn’t just support us but actually joins us in the pursuit of our health. Annie’s perspective on community reminded us all that sharing a table with loved ones is a sacred thing to be kept.

In Tampa at one of our absolute favorite venues, Armature Works, my good friend Angie Smith joined me! I will never forget the laughter, the tears, and the open-hearted questions asked by the Tampa audience. Not to mention, the amazing person who just HAPPENED to have the exact contact lense Angie needed! I can’t thank you all enough for cultivating a space for us to be raw about loss, disappointment, and fear. These are the conversations that lead to hope because we’re reminded that we aren’t alone.

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I ate snickerdoodles, butterscotch pudding, fries, and hummus as much as possible on this tour. Every stop had caterers who masterfully made recipes from this book! They made sweet potato fries with New Primal barbeque sauce, the cauliflower hummus with Bare Snacks chips, snickerdoodles and butterscotch pudding! It was SO fun getting to share these recipes with you guys at each stop!

The last stop in Raleigh with Lisa Leake was in such a fun industrial venue in the middle of the cutest downtown area! Lisa and I had a great time talking about what it's like being a mom and trying to keep our kids on a healthy diet without restricting them from the fun of being a kid. We discussed the excitement and joy of sharing our stories in the books we've written, and also about the pressures of staying up to date with social media. I loved getting the opportunity to share the stage with Lisa!