2016 Holiday Gift Guide – For the Cook



1. Celebrations (Signed Copy) – My third cookbook, and also a New York Times bestseller! This cookbook is full of the traditional holiday meals that anyone would miss when switching their diet. It has 12 holidays (one for every month of the year) and over 100 amazing recipes! Order a signed copy here and have it shipped to you!

2. Against all Grain – My first cookbook and a New York Times Bestseller, this book is a comprehensive cookbook for the grain-free and paleo diet that covers everything from breakfast to desserts. Give the gift of health! There's a limited amount of signed copies of Against all Grain that you can order here

3. Meals Made Simple – My second book, and also a bestseller! I call it “the mom’s book.” This book is for the person on your list that needs help making the grain-free lifestyle sustainable but is feeling overwhelmed with all of the cooking and planning involved. There's a limited amount of signed copies of Meals Made Simple that you can order here!

4. Instant Pot – I absolutely love using this electric pressure cooker for making bone broth, applesauce, soup, and more!

5. Blendtec Blender – This is a splurge, but it lasts for a very long time and is a very valuable addition to a grain-free kitchen. Try getting them refurbished for a discount!

6. Shun Knife Block – With all of the additional preparation that comes with grain-free, real foods cooking; a good knife set is a must! It will save you time chopping and prevent accidents. For a more cost friendly set, check out Zwilling Knives.

7. Cast Iron Le Creuset Skillet – I use my skillet at least once a day. I love that it is both stovetop and oven safe and the non-toxic coating that keeps things from sticking

8. Cast Iron Enameled Le Creuset Dutch Oven – This is my favorite Dutch Oven. It's enameled and a breeze to clean!

9. Cast Iron Enameled Le Creuset Braiser – I use this almost daily. The enameled coating makes it super easy to clean and I love that it's so wide and shallow.

10. Wood Cookbook Stand – Stop trying to keep your cookbooks open on the counter or spilling things on them. This is a must for every cook!

11. Cuisinart 8-Cup Food Processor – Use this to make my Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies, cut up veggies, and more! I love that this can fit up to 8 cups.

12. Cuisinart 11-Piece Cookware Set – A new set of pots and pans are always a good gift! These are stainless steel and dishwasher safe, which I love.

13. Spiral Slicer – One of the least expensive, but most used gadgets in my kitchen! Make noodles out of virtually any vegetable, or thinly slice fruits for pies.

14. Silicone Muffin Mold – If you don't have a silicone muffin mold yet, nows the time to get it! I freeze bone broth and any other liquid in these. I love how easy it is to pop muffins out of this one.

15. Immersion Blender – Whip up the perfect mayonnaise, a single serve smoothie, or puree soups with this hand blender.

16. Cookie Scoop – Grain-free doughs can be sticky and wet, so a cookie scoop helps keep shapes precise and speeds up the cookie making process.

17. Crepe Pan – This pan works unbelievably well when making my grain-free wraps.

18. AirBake Cookie Sheets – I love these cookie sheets! They're insulated which means a more regulated cooking temperature, more browning and less burning, and moister and fluffier baked goods.


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