Cover Shoot: Behind the Scenes


I am so thrilled to be receiving such a great response to my cover. We worked incredibly hard to design and photograph it and I am excited that it portrayed exactly what we envisioned it would. They say “not to judge a book by it's cover,” but let's be honest, how else can you judge it?! It's the first thing you see when you scroll through Amazon and generally the first thing you look at when you're browsing bookshelves. We are now in the process of designing the back cover to showcase heaps of my beautiful foods so you will get an idea of what is inside the book as well before you purchase it.

The cover shoot was a blast, but so much more went into it than I would have ever expected. I planned for a 4 hour day and it ended up being almost 13 hours from start to finish, plus 2 full days of prepping foods and props beforehand. I was SO fortunate to be able to work with a dream team though who really brought it all together and helped to make my vision become reality. It isn't all quite as glamorous as it looks when you see the final product, so I wanted to share some behind-the-scenes details with you and let you in on a little of the day's events. Plus I couldn't put out a cover without giving credit to the fabulous ladies that made it all happen. Please make sure to head over to their websites to see all of their gorgeous work. They were a truly talented crew and so much fun to work with!




 I got 5 hours of sleep the night before and started cooking at 6am. Makeup started at 8:30am and the rest of the day was a blur! I should have flashed you all a smile with my awesome blue glitter retainers that I had in!

The car all loaded up with props and food

My concentration face. Jen was testing lighting and I took the down moment to find out how Asher was doing and then most likely answered questions from all of you on Facebook or the blog! My husband says this picture is so typical. Ha!  🙂

I saw a proof and it looked like I had a long version of Marcia Brady hair…. So Lindsay took down some of the body 🙂 This was a possible cover-shot set but we opted with the savory foods so it didn't come across as a dessert cookbook. Although, coming from me, that wouldn't be much of a surprise!

The MessWhat I came home to at 7:30pm!

AAG Final Cover2

 I loved all of the different looks and settings, but we ultimately thought the photo we used on the cover was the best fit! You'll see some of the final pictures from the shots above throughout the book though plus some fun ones of Asher and I in the kitchen. I can't wait to show you all the rest! Here's some more food shots to keep you drooling and coax you to pre-order if you haven't already!

Korean_Beef_Bowl Black_Bottom_Banana_Cream_Pie Blackberry_Basil_Spritzer CeleriacHash-011