GIVEAWAY: Samsung Galaxy Note and Against all Grain Kindle Book



In case you haven’t heard me shouting it from the rooftops yet, Against all Grain made the New York Times Best Sellers list for the month of August!! I am beyond grateful for all of your support and am blown away with how many people are buying multiple copies to send to family and friends for gifts or simply to inspire someone who isn’t well to get healthy by sharing my story. I’m getting ready to head back out on tour again in October and cannot wait to continue meeting all of you to give you my thanks in person!


Staples.com contacted me and asked if I’d like a Samsung tablet so I could see what my book looks like in Kindle form, but I asked them instead if they would give a device for me to offer to all of you! So in celebration of making the list, as well as just a simple thank you to all of my fans, I’m giving away this awesome Samsung Galaxy Note 8 16gb with my Against all Grain Kindle Book already loaded! If you already have my hard copy book, now you can slip this sleek and slim device into your bag when you go to the store or take it to the office with you to plan your meal for the night. If you’ve loaned out your copy of Against all Grain to a friend, you can prop the Galaxy Note up on your cookbook stand and go to town in your kitchen.

For the day to day : handle work, family, and fun with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Keep track of appointments, edit documents, and more with one slim and portable device. The Galaxy Note 8 tablet lets you control all the aspects of your life, from scheduling to gaming and networking. Polish presentations, organize family events, and access social networks without missing a thing. The tablet even functions as a universal remote so you can control your entire home theater on one screen.
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  • http://roxymarjdesign.com Roxy Marj

    My Mother just told me about your site about an hour ago and I am in love! Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease… I started taking medication which has helped with the fatigue and stress already in but two days ago I started feeling reaallly sluggish and noticed too that many of my jeans are getting tighter and tighter on me. I’ve been reading as much as I can about Hashimotos and looked online about how to loose weight…and learning that I most likely have a leaky gut on top of Hashimotos. Even though I would appear to be in great shape to everyone around me [I am 115 lbs and 5’4″] but inside I feel horrible. :/ I looove sweats but don’t gorge myself in them, I am very good at portion control and eating healthy, or so I thought…but I am realizing from all my research that I need to change things asap, and it looks like the Paleo diet is the way to getting my normal and hopefully new Roxy self back. I look forward to trying our your recipes and seeing an overall difference!


    a new admirer!

    Roxy Marj :-)

    • Katie

      Roxy, check out RealSustenance.com as well! She, along with AAG are AMAZING Hashimoto and other autoimmune disease resources!!

  • Marsha Maciaszek

    Would love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanne Feeney

    Oh how I want to win this one! :)

  • nesha

    I cant copy & paste the YouTube link from my phone but I am subscribed & trying to enter…

  • Delainey

    I just wanted to tell you how amazing it is that you do what you do. I am currently working on a much better lifestyle so I can live the life I want to without being depressed about my body and looks. I really believe food is the root cause of emotions and how you feel inside as we’ll as how you look on the outside. You are so helpful and honest and have helped me with my goals. So thank you for that and keep it up!!!!