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  • loopsparky

    Throwing this out there…… It’s NOT grains that are the problem. Look into Food For Life products which use SPROUTED and/or fermented grains. Sprouted grains release nutrients and are more protein than carb. True, paleolithic man did not eat grains. But, when we did begin to eat grains we soaked them in water and allowed them to sprout. I went paleo in October. I lost 30 pounds in weight and 50 points in cholesterol. I started eating Ezekiel Bread and saw no change. It’s all in the way we prepare the grain. Do the research. It’s probably not for everyone. But you might not have to go to the NO GRAIN extreme.

  • Rhiannon Wolfe

    Hi, I wanted to let you know about a new cookbook, Paleo Vegan by Ellen Jaffe Jones and Chef Alan Roettinger!

  • Melinda

    I just bought the book and made the banana bread recipe last night. The flavor is great but texture has turned out too wet, almost like a bread pudding. As far as I can tell, I followed the directions exactly, sifted both of the flours, etc. I know my oven runs a little hot so I set it at 340 instead of 350 but cooked the loaf for closer to 55 minutes, until it was golden brown on top and toothpicks came out clean. Any idea where I went wrong or how best to fix it? Thanks!

    • Danielle

      Hi Melinda, did you use a blanched finely ground flour, either Honeyville Farms or Digestive Wellness (WellBee). If not, that is likely the issue. You may find this YouTube video helpful as well.

      • Melinda

        Great, thanks! My almond flour was blanched but I do not think it was finely ground, so that may be the problem. I will try again. In the meantime, there are worse problems to have than a very tasty banana bread “pudding” to have to “dispose” of, lol. Thanks again.

  • loopsparky

    Beth, you’re absolutely correct about the sprouting. An unsprouted grain contains the starch packed endosperm which is what the grain uses for fuel in order to sprout. Once it is consumed by the sprouting grain, it becomes more like a protein than a carb – the way it was intended to be consumed.

    I bring this up, not for people with colon issues which are very serious, but for those looking to simply manage their weight who have neither colon, nor gluten issues. If you consider yourself “normal”, but looking to lose weight, I guarantee your problems are all centered on unsprouted, starchy grains.

  • whitney

    I am making my way through your most recent book. I was so excited to try the sweet potato chips and dipping sauce…but it was a complete fail….the chips ended up a quarter of the size the started as and the sauce had a texture instead of the smooth sauce. I followed the recipe to a tee…or so I thought….do you have any tips on this?!