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  • whitney

    I am making my way through your most recent book. I was so excited to try the sweet potato chips and dipping sauce…but it was a complete fail….the chips ended up a quarter of the size the started as and the sauce had a texture instead of the smooth sauce. I followed the recipe to a tee…or so I thought….do you have any tips on this?!

  • Sandy Lowry

    I just saw the book tour dates and realized we are going to be in Reno, for the Hot Air Balloon Races, the same day as your book signing event. What luck! My family is crewing for one of the balloons but we should have it packed up in time to make the book signing. My daughter and I are really looking forward to the new cookbook. As long as you are in Reno, I hope you will consider bringing your family to the Balloon Races! It is really magical and inspiring. See you in Reno!

  • Janice

    My sister-in-law gave me a copy of your book for my birthday, and I love it! Having been on a grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free diet for over a year, it is really nice to find a cookbook that gives variety to my diet.

    I’m sure you are acquainted with Brad’s Raw Chips. They have a kale chip that is similar to a real chip instead of simply being a dehydrated kale leaf. Do you have anything similar? It breaks easier than a corn chip, but it is similar. I plan to experiment, but it would be nice if you already had a recipe!

  • Rita Whitaker Haun

    Off the subject. Need info on agar agar please. thank you

  • Darolene

    Can I use Chestnut Flour and Coconut Flour to make your Pumpkin spice Cookies, all out of Almond Flour.