A few weeks ago, as I went through some of my older blog posts, I found this recipe for Thai Steak Lettuce Wraps sitting in my drafts waiting to be published. I remember creating this recipe, but I think one of my books was launching at the same time so it got lost in the… Read more »


As Thai food gained more and more popularity here in the US, and my Pad See Ew recipe became such a favorite in many of your homes, I began receiving a plethora of requests for a Gluten-Free and Paleo Pad Thai. This is a difficult dish to recreate because the essential ingredients are contradictory to… Read more »


Instant Pot Thai Coconut Soup – Tom Kha Gai – is my chicken noodle soup. It’s the soup I crave when I’m sick in bed or when I’ve had a bad day or just need something comforting.  I could eat it daily and, as a result, I’ve made my popular recipe from my first cookbook,… Read more »


In light of yesterday’s tragic news from Las Vegas, and after all of the horrible events that have occurred in our country during the past few weeks, I find myself wanting to bake and eat lots of comfort food. I also found myself unable to think about making an elaborate dinner last night, and just wanted to snuggle… Read more »


Jicama may seem like a strange ingredient to add to this dish, but it provides a slight crunch similar to that of water chestnuts or bamboo shoots and adds a mildly sweet flavor. Serve this stew over any of the cauliflower rice recipes (pages 218–2...

My husband, Ryan, loves this sweet, full-bodied beverage that complements the spice and salt of Thai dishes. Generally made with sweetened condensed milk, half-and-half, and loads of white sugar, this rendition is made with coconut milk and honey for...

  I’m so excited to share this spiralized Thai Salad recipe with the Today Show today! Head over to their website to see the recipe and also an instructional video for my version of Tangled Thai Salad. Click Here to View The Recipe and Watch An Instructional Video! The recipe uses a spiralizer (or spiral-slicer)… Read more »


Mason jar salad recipes having been popping up all over my Pinterest boards lately, and I haven’t had much need to try them being that I work from home until now! However, we’ve had a few outings and short road trips where I have wanted to bring something healthy to eat, so I figured now… Read more »


I rate a Thai restaurant based on its tom kha gai. If it doesn’t meet my expectations, I know it’s not worth ordering anything else on the menu. This soup is my favorite way to start out a Thai meal, but it can also serve as a substantial and sou...

Thai Chicken Pizza was always one of my favorite flavors when we used to order in. I think I first had it at California Pizza Kitchen, then was able to get it from a local delivery place here that makes a gluten-free crust, and now I am making it home using my grain-free crust! The… Read more »


This recipe is a crockpot thai beef stew that is easy to make and my husband absolutely LOVES this recipe. Aila Update Before I begin, thank you all for your condolences, messages of encouragement, and for donating to Aila’s fundraiser after my post last week. We are taking things day by day, and some are… Read more »