There was a little French bistro in the neighborhood I grew up in, and my mom used to take us there on cold winter days for a fresh baguette and a bowl of onion soup. Yes, it was topped with bread and melted stringy cheese, but in this version, I spr...

Hi friends, I hope you are staying safe, calm and healthy. This digest will show you a brand new recipe that I am so excited to be sharing with you, a look at my date night with Ryan, and a new product that I’m loving! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?? ? Tough call,… Read more »


  Summer may be quickly fading away, but there’s still plenty of weekends and beautiful weather to throw a backyard BBQ. Especially with Labor Day around the corner!The backyard barbecue I hosted in partnership with Williams-Sonoma and Visa Checkout is up on the blog! Head over for entertaining ideas and lots of recipe inspiration for throwing the perfect… Read more »


  This is part III of my Gluten-Free at Disneyland series! To see my first post for snacking in the parks, click here, and for my post on breakfast and lodging click here. Dining in California Adventure While dining gluten-free or paleo at Disneyland is absolutely doable and enjoyable, it does take some work. Most… Read more »