Danielle’s Digest: Week of 5/22/16


First, I am so thankful for all of your support after my recent post about the flare-up I experienced. This week on the Digest you’ll see a lot of new recipes I’ve been sharing with you all like my new Fudge Pops, Roasted Carrots with Mescal Lime Yogurt Sauce, and a new Rocky Road with… Read more »


Roasted Carrots with Tequila Lime Yogurt Sauce

Cumin Roasted Carrots with Tequila Lime Yogurt Sauce Recipe from Danielle Walker's Against all Grain

  I am so in love with this Roasted Carrots with Tequila Lime Yogurt Sauce recipe lately! The weather has been so warm here lately, so we have been spending a lot of time outside. Our yard has been a pile of dirt for the past 2 years since we moved in, but we finally put… Read more »


Fighting a Flare

Fighting A Flare

  This is a hard post to write. Because I vowed in 2011, when Asher was a baby, that this would never happen again. It’s also difficult, because if I let it, it can make me feel like a failure. If I sit and wallow in my thoughts, I start to blame myself for not… Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 5/15/16


This week on the Digest you’ll see some tasty pictures of what I ate (yes, I did eat the same salad 3 times in one week), some things I’m excited about, a little peek at a new recipe and where to find it, and even a behind the scenes picture of the cover shoot for… Read more »


Dairy-Free Fudge Pops

EggFree Fudge Pops-035

  It’s been heating up here in California (93 today!) and Asher has been asking for popsicles for quite some time now. He’s like his momma and loves his chocolate, so we decided to go for this Dairy-Free Fudge Pops recipe. Usually, we opt for my standard Dark Chocolate Fudge Pop recipe which contains eggs…. Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 5/8/16


We had a great, low-key Mother’s Day and, as always, ate a lot of great food this week! I also traveled to New York and had a chance to get an inside peek at the Food Network Studios (click HERE to let me know if you would enjoy seeing a gluten-free and healthy foods show on TV!) and attend the… Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 5/1/16


Hello friends! This past weekend I got to be a part of Mom2Summit which is always so inspiring and I even got to work on a few more recipes in the kitchen which felt so good! You can see more of what we’ve been up to and the meals we’ve been enjoying down below! My… Read more »


Crab Cakes with Rémoulade Sauce

Paleo Crab Cakes from Danielle Walker's Against all Grain

Did you hear the news about my brand new cookbook!? Now that it is off to print, I’m having fun getting back into the test kitchen and making some new recipes for the blog. My husband, Ryan, introduced me to crab cakes when we were dating in high school so I’ve been long wanting to… Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 4/24/16


This week on the Digest I’m sharing some photos of family life, our newest pet, some really exciting news, and even a few Digest exclusive pictures! Here’s the news! I’m so excited about my third cookbook, Celebrations! I’ll be sharing some photos and more information about the book as we get closer to the release… Read more »


My 3rd Cookbook! Against all Grain: Celebrations

Danielle Walker's Against all Grain Celebrations 20

I have been teasing you with cryptic information for months, but today, and I can finally share the exciting news with you! My third cookbook, Danielle Walker’s Against all Grain: Celebrations will be released on September 27th! This is my first book with Ten Speed Press and I am so thrilled to have worked with… Read more »


No-Bake Sunbutter Crunch Bars


  I have REALLY exciting news to announce on Thursday!! Make sure you’re on my mailing list to hear the news first! Sign up here.   I used to love no-bake peanut butter chocolate bars growing up. I’m a sucker for anything peanut butter and chocolate. Unfortunately peanuts are a legume and not allowed on a… Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 4/17/16


In this weeks Digest you’ll see all of my photos from our weekend at Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara where I taught a class for the Julia Child Foundation, some photos from my time in New York, and even what to look out for in your sushi! It’s been a really busy but super fun… Read more »


Danielle’s Digest: Week of 4/10/16


This week I’m giving you a sneak peek of some recipes I’ve been working on to share on the blog, a new makeup line I’m trying out, one of my go-to breakfasts and a classic recipe that is in our weekly meal rotation. This past week we had a crab feed for my momma’s birthday…. Read more »


A Space for Baby E


Easton just turned 7 months, and we finally completed his room. As a first time parent with Asher, everything was done weeks before his arrival, and then we barely used it for the first few months as he ended up sleeping in our room. With a busy 5 year old, a business, and a fixer-upper house,… Read more »


Southwestern Pulled Chicken with Cilantro Lime Slaw


After picking up my beautiful friend Andie Mitchell’s new cookbook, Eating in the Middle, I couldn’t wait to flip through the pages and find some recipes that I could paleo-fy and enjoy. I curled up on the couch and scanned through the pages and ended up spending almost an hour looking at the book and dog-earing… Read more »