“Instant” Pumpkin Ice Cream

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Pumpkin Ice Cream

I know this post is coming a little bit late now that we are all in cinnamon and cranberry mode, but I inevitably have leftover pumpkin puree after Thanksgiving so it seems more fitting to share this now! When the craving for something creamy and frozen comes on, it comes on quick. Without warning, and… Read more »

Guest Post: Pumpkin Blinis

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With my new cookbook well under way and keeping me very busy, I’ve lined up some fellow bloggers to do guest posts for me two Saturdays a month.  My autoimmune condition is heavily fueled by stress, so in an effort to stay healthy, these friends will help relieve some of the stress and keep recipes still coming… Read more »

Guest Post: Everything Leads Back to the Gut

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  If you’re reading this blog, you are already taking the steps you need to achieve intestinal (gut) health by cutting out grains and processed foods. Sadly, many people aren’t aware of the brain:gut connection or that an unhealthy gut can adversely affect other areas of health. So I’ve asked my Naturopath, Dr. Melody Wong… Read more »

Caveman Feast Cookbook Review

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LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A COPY!      I get so busy trying to keep up with my own recipes, updates, and social media that I barely have time to look at other’s blogs and books. My friend George over at the Civilized Caveman sent me a copy of his… Read more »

Guest Post: Dr. Melody Wong – Naturopath

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Today is the big Iron Man World Championship in Kona, and since I will be busy working with More Than Sport for the day, I’ve asked my Naturopath, Dr. Melody Wong to come on and introduce herself and naturopathy to you all today. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that… Read more »