Vegan Chocolate Coconut Pudding Pie

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This pudding is vegan, grain-free, and free of refined sugars. What could be better? A sinfully delicious desert that is actually not sinful at all for your Love on Valentines Day. There are so many avocado pudding recipes out there, and even though the reviews are usually great, I was very much a skeptic. I… Read more »

Apple, Pear, Blueberry Crisp

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I’m a true chocolate dessert lover, but crisps and cobblers come in close second. Especially when they’re hot and served with vanilla ice cream on top.  I used my grain-free granola as the crisp topping and it tasted so much better than any almond flour version I’ve tried since going grain-free. This topping has the… Read more »

French Vanilla Coffee Creamer (Dairy-Free)

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This is my version of a homemade Coffeemate coffee creamer. You know, the kind you can by in the grocery stores that is filled with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils? It tastes delicious in your morning cup of coffee, only uses real wholesome ingredients, and is a Paleo and SCD coffee creamer!  … Read more »

Paleo Honey Biscuits (GF, DF, SCD, Paleo)

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These remind me a little of corn bread, especially if you drizzle some honey on top. I originally made them to go with a roasted chicken and root vegetables, but ended up eating all of the leftovers for breakfast all week! I spread them with a little butter and homemade blueberry preserves. (I made these… Read more »

200 Followers on Facebook!

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Thank you to all of my readers for giving my Facebook Blog Site a little love! We just hit 200 “Likes” today. I always post my recipes on my page when there’s a new one, and give little cooking updates through my week as well. If you’d like to receive my recipes by email as… Read more »