pre-released book recipes plus a little sneak peek



My book is finally officially off to the printers! I will be receiving the first copies in my hands in about a month and they will start arriving on shelves and your doorstep if you preordered on July 30th! I am so excited to finally get to share all of these recipes with you. The first part of the book details my health struggles and journey to recovery which I will be doing a separate post on with some exclusive photos in a couple of weeks. But what I am sure you are all dying to see is the recipe lineup! So here’s a little sneak peek at the many chapters that makeup my book!

If you have been following my blog for a long time, you will see some of the reader favorites like the Sandwich Bread or Real-Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies amongst the recipes. I included a handful that you all make frequently so you can have it in print and all in one place. 80% of the recipes are brand new, so there will still be plenty of new exciting recipes for you! I labeled all of the recipes with whether they are SCD | Nut-Free | Egg-Free | or Vegan. All of the recipes in the book are grain & dairy free, making them suitable for the Paleo diet, but I wanted to decipher the recipes for those that have other dietary needs. If you do follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), rest assured that you can pretty much eat everything in the book besides the chocolate! There are over 150 recipes, so you will have plenty to chose from. And because I know this book has been a long time in the making and you have all waited ever-so-patiently-

I wanted to give you some of the recipes from the book before everyone else gets them!

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Enjoy the sneak peak!! Click on the photos for easier reading













  • Shannon

    I just bought your book, kindle addition, I really wanted the paperback because it looks so lovely, but my iPad moonlighting as a kindle has become my sous chef as of late…

    Your health story is really inspiring to read. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus five years ago and have been in and out of hospitals and doctors offices ever since. I am definitely in the same group as you when it comes to diet, I have no other choice. After years of steriods and other treatments, my doctor told me that we would need to begin biological immune suppression through IV treatments and establish “care” with a pain management specialist. Thats right, biological – as in biological weapons sort of thing- and keeping consistently on narcotics starting at the ripe old age of 35!

    That’s when decided to seize control of my own health and go rogue…turning to nutrition, exercise, and naturapthy in order to blaze my own trail to health. Thank your for a wonderful new weapon in my arsenal against disease…

  • Casia

    Hey Danielle, me again… i love your book very much as i already said, but a few days after i bought it i was diagnosed with a leaky gut and a Histamine Intolerance and now i am really confused what i should eat and which recipes i can give a try. You have so much Fans, maybe some had a leaky gut and a HI as well and healed it and can tell me how he/she did it? I would love to stay paleo or try the SCD diet or GAPS, but i can’t tolerate half the stuff recommended at the SCD or GAPS intro diet (i can’t have any bone broth or gelantine or fermented foods or avocado or nuts, i am not even sure i can tolerate carrots because they tend to be mouldy)… but i think my body was right to turn to paleo, because i feel better then ever, but still i am not sure if its enough to heal my leaky gut… and because i can only tolerate really fresh meat, eating a lot of meat is a problem to. maybe eggs as well- a few pages say eggs are not that good for people with a leaky gut… and coconut products as well because the coconuts are often stored until they mould and mould is a big problem. right now i eat only zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes (not paleo i know, but when i eat out its the easiest to get) pumpkin, lettuce, cucumber, apples, very green bananas, cherrys, plums, a little bit dairy, egg yolk, olive oil, ghee, butter and all coconut products and tapioca… i am not even sure i can tolerate that stuff because i still have diarrhoea… so mayby somebody can help me what to eat and what to avoid to heal my leaky gut! thanks a lot!

    i am from germany so my english isn’t that well – sorry!

  • http://adeliciousmess.com Linda

    I’m ordering it now :)