Grain-Free Waffles


Want to know how to make whole raw cashews into perfect fluffy waffles that are grain and dairy free?

Find the recipe on my guest post this morning over at Real Sustenance!


  • Julie

    Super recipe! I made a double batch for 5 of us this morning as the first batch was gone in no time (before I’d even had any!!) These tasted super, rose beautifully and were so much like “regular” waffles that our son asked if we could eat wheat again! :)

  • Lindsay

    Hey Danielle,
    I just bought your cookbook and I’m so impressed! I made the blueberry waffles which were INCREDIBLE! My husband has just been going along with Paleo b/c I cook everything, but he couldn’t get over how good these were. Better than the real thing :) My 2 year old loved them too! I also made the chocolate cream pie with the coconut whipped cream. Soooooo good! Thanks for all of the great recipes! Love your cookbook!

  • Catherine

    I am curious about using whole raw cashews vs cashew butter. Why do you do it that way? It seems like you are making butter when you grind them. Any insight would be helpful. LOVE the book. My own personal copy will arrive on Wed.

    • Against All Grain

      They’re cheaper!

    • evy

      We make your great recipe with raw sunflower seeds-SO much cheaper, if one is in “frugal” mode :) :)

  • Jenna

    Can I use almond flour and raw almond butter instead of coconut flour and raw cashew butter?

    • Against All Grain

      Coconut flour is a must, but you could sub almond butter for the cashew butter

  • Sabrina

    This recipe works great with butter instead of coconut oil for those who can tolerate butter.